Market Access Expertise

Whether you want to expand in Europe or better understand the different healthcare markets in Europe, I can provide you with the necessary expertise. 

Keynote Speaker

Are you interested in gaining interesting insights of new players entering a market and innovative financing solutions? I deliver compelling talks and keynotes for your meeting or internal workshop. 

For example: “Which innovative finance solutions exist to tackle the rising cost of medicine? – The rise of the Chinese pharmaceutical industry and its implication for Europe”.

Health Finance Expert

I provide clients with a wide range of services by utilising my experience in the pharmaceutical industry to grow their business. I support my clients throughout their journey while focusing on their needs, developing new ideas, effective strategies and high quality and sustainable solutions. Contact us to learn more.

Trainings & Coaching

Do you want to know more about the impact of health policy on your business? Do you want to know where to first launch your product? I  help clients to better understand the fundamentals of policy-making and develop effective strategies. Contact me today to discuss your specific business challenge.

How to make your voice heard with policy makers | My advice

About Me

I  provide clients with market insights and go-to-market strategies. Over the past seven years, I held multiple market access and health policy positions in the pharmaceutical industry , most notably at Roche and Edelman.

I have supported private equity, pharmaceutical, medical devices clients in understanding healthcare markets around the world. I also have been involved in ministerial-level discussions to reform national healthcare finance systems in Central and Eastern Europe.

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